Before he makes his American Songbook debut on February 17, British-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jamie Lidell charms us all with this list of his current and longstanding musical favorites, and reminds us not to underestimate the power of fun.

"Somebody's In Love" by Cosmic Rays
Sun Ra early incarnation. There's an album of Sun Ra singles and this was on it. Was always a big inspiration to me. The humanity! The sweet humanity!

"Keep Feelin' This" by Mocky, Jamie Lidell
Yeah, a song with me on it. Really a chance to get my friend Mocky on this playlist. He’s a great musician and old pal from the Berlin days. He’s always writing and doing his thing. We popped this out under the radar earlier this year.

"I’m the Man, That Will Find You" by Connan Mockasin
Such a sweet sound! I always loved the mood of this. Something magic going on here.

"Brand New Second Hand" by Peter Tosh
I have been doing some writing with a U.K. artist called “Rag’n’Bone Man” and hopefully our song will come out soon. When I was working with him, he was feeling this Tosh tune. Took me back.

"Comfort Zone" by BASECAMP
I have been working with BASECAMP in Nashville for a while. Love 'em. Great guys, and we wrote this together. Still sounding fresh.

"Mercy, Mercy" by Don Covay
Mick Jagger definitely listened to this guy, eh? LOL. Yeah. This one is a banger.

"Ain’t No Chimneys in the Projects" by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
What a truly horrible year 2016 has been. We’ve lost so, so many great artists. R.I.P., Sharon!

"Baby - 1971" by Os Mutantes
There’s something so heartwarming about this. I mean, it’s such a softy of a track, eh? Something disarmingly honest about it, too. Who doesn’t want to try the new ice cream flavor? This song will always remind of great times with my wife. The optimism of trying to start a life together. Living in that bossanova for a while. Go on. Live that bossa life.

"Crossword Puzzle" (Alternate version) by Sly & The Family Stone
I love the original so much, but hey, this version is badass, too! Sly is my all-time favorite. The real funk. When all is lost I turn to Sly every time. When Sly doesn't work, I know I’m in deep trouble!

"Fantastic Man" by William Onyeabor
A strange human being that made the most amazing music. Could be talking about a lot of folks on this list…yep, but this time it’s the addictive world of William Onyeabor. I’ve been lucky enough to be playing shows with the current incarnation of the Atomic Bomb Band. Singing this music is just fun. The power of fun is not to be underestimated!

"U'Huh" by Sinkane
My friends in the wonderful band Sinkane are some of the nicest musicians I’ve ever met. Truly amazing people who are reaching out to the positive right now. I’m 100% into that. Love them. Love this.

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About the Curator

Over the last 15 years, singer-songwriter Jamie Lidell has cemented his reputation as an artist who defies categorization. His critically acclaimed new album, Building a Beginning, was released October 14, 2016.