Mar 29

All These Wonders: The Moth at Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center

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The theme of this show shares a title with The Moth's upcoming book, All These Wonders. The phrase comes out of a story by scientist Cathy Olkin, which puts us in the room at the moment she and her fellow NASA scientists first gazed at the surface of Pluto. While most of us aren’t rocket scientists, we all have moments when we face the unknown. Sometimes it’s by choice, metaphorically stepping into uncharted waters (“Here Be Dragons,” as the 16th-century globes claimed). Other times we get shoved there against our will by another person or by the fates. And sometimes we land in a place of wonder, someplace that we couldn’t have imagined when we first started out.


Join us on March 29 for stories about courage, determination, and the wonders that await us when we step into the unknown.


In keeping with The Moth's tradition, the rules are simple: All stories are true and told without notes. The results are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and always entertaining.


Adam Gopnik, host

Rosanne Cash, storyteller

John Elder Robison, storyteller

Phyllis Marie Bowdwin, storyteller

Ana Del Castillo, storyteller

Andy Fischer-Price, storyteller

Jessica McJunkins, musician 



Listen to last year's Moth event at Lincoln Center, Live From the World Science Festival, on The Moth Radio Hour

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