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China National Traditional Orchestra

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Splendor of Folk Music


A Grand Concert of Chinese Music


Conductor: He Jianguo

Conmaster: Tang Feng    


China National Traditional Orchestra, the world's most celebrated and influential Chinese music group, triumphantly returns to New York to showcase heritage works in a modern light. Comprised of highly-esteemed musicians, this orchestra mesmerizes with traditional Chinese instrumentation, beauty and artistry. CNTO has collaborated with several accomplished composers, musicians and a variety of creative artists. Their extensive repertoire of new and traditional works is a result of hundreds of commissioned works and arrangements made just for the them. In recent years, the orchestra has pushed its boundaries embarking on an adventurous journey of exploration, continually surprising audiences by inviting them into a realm of a vibrant and re-imagined Chinese music experience.   


Splendor of Folk Music showcases the masterpieces of symbolic Chinese music, ranging from traditional, folk, to modern styles, taking audiences vicariously to the great land of China, region by region. A series of new compositions composed by world-renowned composers will be performed by the world’s greatest Chinese musicians, who have not only expanded the traditional impressions of Chinese music, but also intensified the richness of the Chinese culture. For example, "Swan" and "Blossom" for Pipa (Chinese lute) and Orchestra, "Orchids of Spring" for Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) and Orchestra, "Heavenly Musicians" for Konghou (Chinese ancient harp) and Orchestra, Capriccio Great Wall for Erhu (Chinese fiddle) and orchestra. It will truly be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this grand performance of Chinese music. We will whirlwind you away on a musical journey to China, just like the old saying: “As the saying goes, Barry different wind, thousands of miles of different customs”.    



Tang Feng, Erhu (Chinese Fiddle)

Wu Yuxia,  Pipa (Chinese Lute)

Wang Ciheng,  Dongxiao (Chinese Bamboo Flute)

Wu Lin, Konghou (Chinese Harp)

Zhao Cong,  Pipa (Chinese Lute)


cast in order of appearance



Swan, for pipa (Chinese lute) and orchestra

Blossom, for pipa (Chinese lute) and orchestra, 

Orchids of Spring, for Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) and orchestra

Heavenly Musicians, for Konghou (Chinese ancient hard) and orchestra

Capriccio Great Wall, for Erhu (Chinese fiddle) and orchestra


Cantonese Music Medley

1.Dragon Boat Match by He Liutang

2.Songs and Dances by Qiu Hechou

3.Music of the Full Moon by Huang Jinpei

4.Thunderstorm after Drought

5. The Family Legend - The Moon at Dawn over Lugou Bridge

6. Splendor of Folk Music


For further information please visit or call 609-436-0118

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