Sep 22

Henry Threadgill: Pulitzer Nights

Jazz at Lincoln Center

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Due to illness, Henry Threadgill’s performances at Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 22nd and 23rd have been postponed. No further information about rescheduling is available at this time.

Visionary composer and multi-reedist Henry Threadgill is a living legend whom the New York Times calls a “composer and bandleader of intense, unyielding originality.” In this centennial year of the Pulitzer Prize, he honors the three African American jazz musicians who have won the prestigious award: Wynton Marsalis, Ornette Coleman, and – as of 2016 – Henry Threadgill! On Friday (9/22), Threadgill will lead his Double Up Plus ensemble, whose debut album won significant praise, including the New York Times’ assertion that it’s “just as easy to picture in Pulitzer contention.” The group features saxophone, cello, tuba, drums, and  and three extraordinary pianists: David Bryant, David Virelles, and special guest Luis Perdomo. Join them on Friday night for “Double Up Plus plays Double Up Plus.” On Saturday (9/23), Threadgill will premiere a brand new ensemble called 14 or 15 Kestra: Agg. The debut of a new Threadgill group is always a significant event, as every band throughout his formidable career has introduced a distinct new musical language and personality. The new ensemble is a 15-piece collective of master improvisers, comprising saxophones, flutes, trumpets, trombones, piano, harmonium, percussion, tuba, bass, cello, and guitar/tres. Utilizing this mighty toolkit, Threadgill will present the world premiere of a new work, entitled “Dirt and more Dirt.” As with most of Threadgill’s pieces, we expect it to be a transfixing blend of soulfulness, humor, and intensity.

Double Up Plus

Saxophone: Curtis Robert Macdonald, Roman Filiu O’Reilly

Cello: Chris Hoffman

Tuba: Jose Davila

Piano: David Bryant, Luis Perdomo, David Virelles

Drums: Craig Weinrib

14 or 15 Kestra: Agg

Trumpet: Jonathan Finlayson, Stephanie Richards

Saxophone: Curtis Robert Macdonald, Roman Filiu O’Reilly

Trombone: Ben Gerstein, Jacob Garchik

Tuba: Jose Davila

Cello: Chris Hoffman

Guitar: Liberty Ellman

Piano: David Bryant, David Virelles, piano

Bass: Thomas Morgan

Drums: Craig Weinrib, Elliott Humberto Kavee

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