Jun 6

Riverside Symphony presents New Wine-Old Bottles

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Riverside Symphony Series Concert

George Rothman, conductor    


SCHUBERT Symphony No. 8 in B minor “Unfinished”

KORF Concerto for Violin and Orchestra World Premiere

SIBELIUS Symphony No. 3 in C major    


While many composers since Beethoven’s time have abandoned Classical music structures, others – no less inventive – have pursued a formal ideal at once personal yet identifiably within the symphonic tradition.  Schubert’s incomplete masterpiece bears out Beethoven’s deathbed decree that “Truly in Schubert there is the divine spark,” while Sibelius’ radiant mid-period statement brings what many thought to be a tired, old form to new heights.  Anthony Korf’s bold new concerto proposed that frontiers remain to be conquered.

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