Jul 24 – 27

To the End of the Land

Lincoln Center Festival

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A theater phenomenon that played to sold-out houses around Israel, this drama based on David Grossman’s critically acclaimed novel explores the intertwining threads of love and family between Ora, Ilan, and Avram, who meet as teenagers in a hospital during the Six-Day War in 1967.


Decades later, when Ora’s son volunteers to go to the Lebanese front, she escapes with Avram to the Galilee, clinging to the superstitious hope that if she can’t be found, she can’t be “notified” of her son’s death. In director Hanan Snir’s poignant staging, the characters’ ultimately aimless journey, with no defined destination and a constant intrusion of the past, becomes a conduit for the unrelenting sense of existential fragility at the heart of the human condition.


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Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College

Directions Directions


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A gripping drama.

- <em>Tablet Magazine</em>


July 2017

Mon, Jul 24

7:30 pm $65 – $100

Tue, Jul 25

7:30 pm $65 – $100

Wed, Jul 26

7:30 pm $65 – $100

Thu, Jul 27

7:30 pm $65 – $100

By Phone: 212.721.6500

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