Magnus Lindberg introduces CONTACT!

CONTACT! The New Music Series

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  1. Magnus Lindberg introduces CONTACT!
  2. flipCam video 5 of 7: Composer Sean Shepherd on the return of CONTACT!
  3. Nico Muhly on "Detailed Instructions"
  4. Arthur Kampela on CONTACT!
  5. flipCam video 2 of 7: Matthias Pintscher on rehearsals with Thomas Hampson for CONTACT!
  6. Magnus Lindberg on his new piece "Souvenir"
  7. flipCam Video 7 of 7: Thomas Hampson — Getting Inside the NY Philharmonic
  8. flipCam Video 6 of 7: Thomas Hampson on "songs from Solomon's garden"
  9. Matthias Pintscher on "songs from Solomon's garden"
  10. CONTACT! flipCam Video: Jay Alan Yim on "neverthesamerivertwice"
  11. Sean Shepherd on "These Particular Circumstances"
  12. Arlen Fast in "How Low Can You Go?"
  13. Arlene Sierra on CONTACT!
  14. James Matheson on composing
  15. Magnus Lindberg on the CONTACT! program
  16. flipCam video 3 of 7: Matthias Pintscher on inspiration for CONTACT!
  17. flipCam video 1 of 7: Nico Muhly on CONTACT!
  18. flipCam video 4 of 7: Sean Shepherd tells us what to listen for in These Particular Circumstances
  19. Alan Gilbert on CONTACT! The New-Music Series December 2010
  20. Rehearsing CONTACT! The New Music Series 2011-12
  21. Composer Alexandre Lunsqui

CONTACT! The New Music Series

New York Philharmonic

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