Matthew McConaughey On Researching Roles

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  1. Matthew McConaughey On Researching Roles
  2. Michael Cera & Sebastian Silva On Politics in Film
  3. Film Society Talks | Benoît Jacquot + Charlotte Gainsbourg
  4. Summer Talks | Rob Epstein + Jeffrey Friedman, "Lovelace"
  5. HBO Directors Dialogues: Paul Greengrass
  6. Summer Talks | Sofia Coppola, "The Bling Ring"
  7. Nicolas Winding Refn On Working On the Cheap
  8. Michael Cera & Sebastian Silva On What is a Crystal Fairy?
  9. Ryan Coogler On Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant
  10. HBO Directors Dialogues: Wim Wenders
  11. Summer Talks | Ryan Coogler, "Fruitvale Station"
  12. Summer Talks | Brian De Palma, "Passion"
  13. HBO Directors Dialogues: Abel Ferrara
  14. Matthew McConaughey Talks True Detective
  15. Sofia Coppola On the Music in "The Bling Ring"
  16. Film Society Talks | Matthew McConaughey | Dallas Buyers Club (Full)
  17. Michael Cera & Sebastian Silva On Working with Family
  18. Summer Talks | Joe Swanberg, "Drinking Buddies"
  19. Film Society Talks | Elijah Wood + Eugenio Mira
  20. NYFF Live | Joshua Oppenheimer | 'The Look of Silence'
  21. Ryan Coogler On the Origins of "Fruitvale Station"
  22. Sofia Coppola On Casting "The Bling Ring"
  23. NYFF Live | Greta Gerwig & Mickey Sumner, "Frances Ha"
  24. Ryan Coogler On Going From Football to Film
  25. Nicolas Winding Refn's Advice For Filmmakers
  26. HBO Directors Dialogues: Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky
  27. Summer Talks | Michael Cera and Sebastián Silva, "Crystal Fairy" (full)
  28. Nicolas Winding Refn On the Magic of Ryan Gosling
  29. Michael Cera & Sebastian Silva On the Crew
  30. Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy On Writing
  31. Matthew McConaughey On Dallas Buyers Club
  32. Sofia Coppola On Working with Harris Savides
  33. Matthew McConaughey On His Process
  34. HBO Directors Dialogues: Ang Lee
  35. Michael Cera & Sebastian Silva On Gypsies and Genre
  36. Nicolas Winding Refn On Violence as Fantasy
  37. Film Society Talks | Guillaume Canet
  38. HBO Directors Dialogues: Michael Haneke & Darren Aronofsky
  39. Matthew McConaughey On Starting Out
  40. NYFF Live | Sally Potter, "Ginger and Rosa"
  41. Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, and Ethan Hawke On Collaboration
  42. Nicolas Winding Refn On The Power of Silence
  43. Sofia Coppola On the Origin of "The Bling Ring"
  44. Matthew McConaughey On Why He Makes Films
  45. Summer Talks | Nicolas Winding Refn, "Only God Forgives"
  46. Summer Talks | Before Midnight (full)
  47. Ryan Coogler On Navigating Class and Culture in "Fruitvale Station"
  48. Richard Linklater On Conversation as Plot
  49. Sofia Coppola On Shooting on Digital
  50. Sofia Coppola On Meeting Paris Hilton
  51. Film Society Talks | Love Is Strange
  52. HBO On Cinema: Alexander Payne
  53. HBO Directors Dialogues: Pedro Costa
  54. NYFF Live | Cristian Mungiu, "Beyond the Hills"
  55. Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy On Playing Flawed Characters
  56. Film Society Talks | Yvonne Rainer and Lynne Tillman
  57. Film Society Talk | 'Step'
  58. An Evening with Laura Dern
  59. Coming to FSLC This February

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