As an organization that praises God, New York Pilgrim Missionary Dance Company was founded in 2011. We have performed at various events such as church events, nursing homes, veterans' consolation, homeless people, disabled groups, and multi-ethnic cultural events in New York and New Jersey and many other regions.

The main performance promotes worship dance and traditional Korean dance to the world, and the profits from the performance are donated to various organizations and countries that need help.

Due to COVID-19, the whole world has had to endure a lonely and difficult time, isolated or distanced from family, friends and society... Even now! Some people may be living in that pain. Things you've taken for granted in the meantime may feel more appreciated or precious. We would like to express this performance as a time of praise to convey gratitude, not an artist's performance. Everyone praises on stage with a grateful heart, and we want to share our hard times and hearts with the audience. In addition, the proceeds from all performances will be delivered to organizations for the disabled and missionary organizations as donations.

Support missionaries through this praise festival
1) America Wheat Mission in New York & New Jersey (A missionary organization whose main purpose is evangelism, volunteer, and enlightenment for the disabled)
2) Children affected by the earthquake in Turkey (Global Children Foundation)
3) Missionaries to Bolivia

Song Chong Yoo (Chairman)
Youn Ja Choi (Dance Director)
Gunyoung Jover (Producer/ESTEEM US)
You Shin Kim (Music Director)
Jason Yoo (Music Director)
Chungje Lee (Sound director)
Han Lee (Visual design director)
Sun A Lee (Stage Director)

Performance Team

New York Pilgrim Missionary Dance (Korean Traditional dance)
Dianna Yoon (Director)
Youn ja Choi (Dance Director)
Hui hyun Cho
Byungae Choi
Hu-Nam Nam
Kyungsuk Yun
Eun Ju Yu
Jennifer Jin
chan hee Lee
yuju Ryu
Jenny Lee
Jae sook Seo
Geum hee Lee
Jinny Hur
Sun A Lee
Hansol Choi

Band Team
You Shin Kim (Keyboard/Director)
Jason Yoo (Drum / Director)
Jeong Chung (Guitar)
Daseul Kim (Bass)

Hea Sun Jung Korean Traditional Academy of Arts
Jang, Joshua S.
Kim, Geonwoo
Lee, Jake H.
Choi, Arin
Varela, Mila
Choe, Cerenna
Kang, Ellen Heawon
Ma, Eunsoo
Hwang, Chelsea
Shin, Jeremy Juneyoung
Varela, Kira
Kang, Erica Chaewon
Park, Kaitlyn
Park, Hannah
Chough, Caroline
Minyoung Baek

Jennifer Jeon (Violinist)
Junghee Oh (Gayageum & Vocal)
Songeun Shin (Gayageum)
Grace Leekyung Kang (Haegeum)

Freddy Washington (Male)
Eunyoung Choi (Female)
Jamon Maple (Male)
Jacob Nah (Male)
Rachel Yu (Female)
Yoosep I'm (male)

Chorus Team (Praise Ground)
Claire Yim
jungjin kim
Sooyeong Lee
Sue Moon
Grace Hwang
Lina Yoon
Myungsoo Ko
Chooja Oh
Michelle Oh
Guemok Suel
Priscilla Kang
Youngstown Han
Maria Oh
Yooja Oh
Seongsook Chung
Soonhee Hur
Myungok Jin
Unsook Chung
Lydia Oh
Soonbong Hwang
Heecheong Meo
Jungja Kim
Kyunghee Lee

Wonhee kim
Kongju Choi
Vivien Ha
Nayun Lee
Yoon J kim
Sophie kim
Hyesun Lee
Hyeryung Lee
Hyekyoung Won
Haeran Choi
Yangoke Hwang
Youngsung Oh
Sarah Chee
Kyongsook Oh
Keunja Lee

Duckwoo Cho
Hyojune Lim
Daniel Yoon
Kenneth Han
Changnam Kim
Steve Oh
Chouljae Cho
Hyungjong Lee
Kyoobok Hwang
Konil Pak

Peter Youn
Dalyun Hwang
Yoonsup Choi
Hyungkeun Lee
Kyeongyel Kim

Choir - Silver Mission Choir of New York
Sam Sung Mun (Conductor)
Young Ai Lee (Accompanist)
Choul Jae Cho
40 people
G- Hwaja Music Band

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Guest Experience at 212-875-5456 or [email protected].