The Lincoln Center Corporate Fund was established in 1969, and its members— corporations, related foundations, and professional firms—provide essential, unrestricted support to 10 world class organizations across Lincoln Center. Funds raised by the Corporate Fund can be utilized by each organization where it is needed most so that they may further their artistic and educational missions.       

The Corporate Fund's influence is multi-pronged. It serves as an exemplary model for cooperation between some of the most prestigious arts organizations in the world. The Fund supports 10 performing arts organizations by providing critical, unrestricted support. As a result, each organization can carry out day-to-day operations and typically attract more than 6.5 million visitors collectively per year, generating $2.4 billion in economic activity. On a deeper level, the Fund’s support allows the Lincoln Center campus to connect with surrounding New York City communities, educating students, and making art accessible for all. The success of the Corporate Fund's efforts is contingent upon the generosity of the business community and the Fund's Leadership Committee, who volunteer their time and expertise.   

The Lincoln Center Corporate Fund raises unrestricted funds from the corporate sector for ten world‐renowned performing arts organizations at Lincoln Center.
Membership in the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund offers a vast array of executive and employee benefits at each of the participating organizations.