“A pure marvel conquering the sky.”
Le Monde

Daredevil feats combine with poetic sensibility in this “heart-stopping” new piece (Le Progrès) from renowned French circus collective Compagnie XY. In this collaboration with choreographer Loïc Touzé, the 22 acrobats of XY reflect on the ways in which humanity deals with instability and imbalance.


With its uniquely rhythmic and expressive brand of physical theater, the troupe draws not only gasps of wonder from the crowd, but also meaning and beauty from the ephemeral arrangements that appear and vanish as they catapult through the air. Skillful bodies in motion evoke the full range of human experience, from the uplift and weightlessness of euphoria to the inevitable fall and a new beginning. The sum of it all is an awe-inspiring experience for audiences of all ages.


Compagnie XY

Il N’est Pas Encore Minuit

July 19–22 Rose Theater

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Cast List

Artistic Collaboration Loïc Touzé, David Gubitch, Valentin MussouEmmanuel Dariès

Acrobatics Collaboration Nordine Allal

Lighting Design Vincent Millet

Costume Design Nadia Léon

Lindy Hop Instructors Aude Guiffes, Philippe Mencia


Abdeliazide Senhadji, Airelle Caen, Alice Noël, Amaia Valle, Andres Somoza, Antoine Thirion, Antonio Terrones, Aurore Liotard, Bahoz Themaux, Charlie Vergnaud, Chloé Tribolet, David Badia Hernandez, David Coll Povedano, Denis Dulon, Evertjan Mercier, Guillaume Sendron, Gwendal Beylier, Mohamed Bouseta, Romain Guimard, Soen Geirnaert, Thibaut Berthias, Thomas Samacoïts, Zinzi Oegema