“An invitation to a floating world without frontiers.”
– RFI (France)

“Japan’s most important choreographer” Saburo Teshigawara (New York Times) returns to Lincoln Center Festival with his newest work featuring Aurélie Dupont, Paris Opera Ballet’s former étoile and new Director of Dance. In this fantasy that inhabits the border zone between wakefulness and sleep, Teshigawara uses evocative stagecraft—transparent furniture, floating set pieces, shimmering surfaces—and a rippling, aqueous dance vocabulary to create a dreamlike atmosphere. Tinkling piano keys and ambient electronica give way to a striking rock anthem, the musical progression echoing the deepening ambiguity about the nature of consciousness, sleep, and the world on the other side.   

Sleeping Water

Saburo Teshigawara / KARAS

North American premiere

July 13–15 Rose Theater

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Choreography, Set, Lighting, and Costume Design Saburo Teshigawara

Dancers Saburo Teshigawara, Rihoko Sato, Maria Chiara Mezzadri, Eri Wanikawa, Rika Kato, Junya Okazaki

Special guest Aurélie Dupont

Made possible in part by The Harkness Foundation for Dance