About the White Light Festival

Jane Moss

Welcome to the 2019 White Light Festival. Ten years ago, when Lincoln Center initiated this prismatic exploration of the arts, we could not have anticipated the impact it would have on audiences. These challenging times give ever greater meaning and resonance to the festival.

For our anniversary year, we explore works that embody the human capacity for love and divine devotion, from Vivaldi’s Gloria and Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde to James MacMillan’s Stabat Mater and Wynton Marsalis’s Abyssinian Mass. Ever present this season is the festival’s commitment to global voices and intersections of cultures. Whether experiencing Japanese bunraku, the musical journey tracing the Eastern travels of St. Francis Xavier, otherworldly folk singing from Georgia, or intoxicating Manganiyar tunes of the Rajasthani desert, you will encounter varied expressions of the human condition.

The White Light Festival has profoundly impacted audiences for a decade, and we will continue to reveal a diversity of presentations that reflect our humanity in full. We invite you to join us for these significant occasions that are certain to elevate and inspire.

Jane Moss

Ehrenkranz Artistic Director