Up and Away in 360

In 2013, Lincoln Center became the first major cultural institution to commission an original work for young audiences on the autism spectrum and their families, titled Up and Away. While sensory-friendly programming or adapted versions of existing works had been offered by some institutions, Up and Away, created by Trusty Sidekick Theater Company, was groundbreaking because it was designed especially for an audience on the autism spectrum across all aspects of production: script, design, and experience.

Filmed in 360 during Lincoln Center’s Big Umbrella Festival in April 2018, now audiences everywhere can join the Fogg Family on a multisensory journey through the sky in their very own hot air balloon. With playful puppetry, whimsical storytelling, and enchanting music, young balloonists and their families can experience the wonder of the world above the clouds.

“[Up and Away] is small-batch, immersive theater at its most thoughtful and deliberate." – New York Times

Recreate the Magic at Home

To watch Up and Away in 360 on any device, simply view the video on this page. Click, hold, and drag your cursor to navigate the 360-degree environment.

To watch with a Virtual Reality (VR) Viewer, download the YouTube App on your smart phone, search “Up and Away 360”, and click the glasses icon on the lower right of the screen for total immersion.

Sensory experiences are part of what make Up and Away so magical. Here are some items you may wish to have on hand to recreate the sensory elements of the show at home:

- A fan to create wind
- An umbrella or parasol to help you sail on the breeze
- A spray bottle to make mist in the storm clouds
- An egg shaker or rattle to get your groove on
- A soft blanket and pillow for relaxing in Cloud Canyon
- A cotton ball, fluff, or something soft for a cloud seed to plant in Cloud Canyon
- And a printout of our 1000th balloon ride flight map, so you can see where we're headed next.

Behind the Scenes

Read One Parent's Experience

Read Inside the Big Umbrella, an article penned by Leah Moore about her experience taking her daughter to see Up and Away at the Big Umbrella Festival in 2018.

Creative Team and Cast

Up and Away
An immersive performance for everyone, designed with young people on the autism spectrum in mind

Created by Trusty Sidekick Theater Company
Commissioned by Lincoln Center for children with autism and their families

Creative Team
Leigh Walter – Director
Drew Petersen – Playwright & Co-Lyricist / Lead Artist
Jonathan Shmidt Chapman – Original Director / Lead Artist
Peter Musante – Multi-Sensory Experience Director / Lead Artist
Nick Benacerraf – Environmental Designer / Lead Artist

Chris Gabriel – Composer & Co-Lyricist / Sound Designer 
Simon Harding – Lighting and Projection Designer
Spencer Lott – Puppet Director & Designer
Natalie Loveland – Costume Designer
Zack Ramadan – Projection Animation Designer / Documentarian
Brendan Yi-Fu Tay – Prop Designer

Paul Brewster - Managing Director/General Manager
Neil Creedon – Technical Director
Emmie Finckel - Assistant Environmental Designer
Aliza Greenberg - Autism/Education Specialist
Felicia Hall - Production Manager
Dan Kelly– Stage Manager
Samantha Leigh - Assistant Stage Manager
Michael Leslie - Assistant Technical Director
Alison Mahoney - Assistant Director
Renata Melillo Townsend – Audience Engagement Manager
Cheyanne Williams - Properties Master

Spencer Lott/Sam Gold – Phin Fogg
Jamie Agnello – Fran Fogg
Emily Bruner – Faux Fogg
Christopher Stevenson – Phil Fogg, Understudy Phin & Carl
Christina Eskridge – Flip Fogg
Arielle Lever – Fan Fogg
Leigh Polous – Flow Fogg, Understudy Frop & Foon
Robert Stevenson –  Carl
Natalie Mack – Foon Fogg
Jason Vance – Frop Fogg
Samantha Leigh- Faye Fogg (Understudy)

Thanks to Our Supporters

Major support for the Big Umbrella Festival provided by Betty and John Levin, Ann and Thomas Unterberg, and The Taft Foundation.

Additional support provided by the Abraham and Mildred Goldstein Charitable Trust, The FAR Fund, Kenneth Goldman Donor Fund, J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation, and John H. and Ethel G. Noble Charitable Trust.

The Big Umbrella Festival was made possible by public funds facilitated by the following:
New York City Council's Autism Awareness Initiative
The Honorable Gale A. Brewer, Manhattan Borough President
The Honorable Corey Johnson, Speaker, New York City Council
The Honorable Melissa Mark-Viverito, former Speaker, New York City Council
The Honorable Diana Ayala, New York City Council, Chair of the Committee on Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addiction
The Honorable Andrew Cohen, New York City Council, Chair of the Committee on Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Disability Services

The production of Up and Away 360 was made possible by a grant from NEXT for AUTISM through proceeds from Night of Too Many Stars, a benefit done in partnership with HBO.
Additional support is provided by the Abraham and Mildred Goldstein Charitable Trust.

Flight map, character guide, and behind the scenes video courtesy of Trusty Sidekick Theater Company.