GATHER: A series of monuments and rituals

From May 14–July 2, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya’s participatory installations take over the outdoor spaces of Lincoln Center, filling the campus with color, light, dimension, and heart. Facing the tremendous loss of life and social isolation of COVID-19, alarming coverage of geopolitical conflict, and generational harm wrought by systemic racism, hate crimes, and climate change, many of us are tapped out. More now than ever, art can remind us of our humanity, heal wounds, and bridge divides. Grounded in healing rituals from her Southeast Asian heritage, Phingbodhipakkiya invokes emotions of grief, hope, catharsis, joy, and connection in four moving installations. Visitors will reclaim space, foster belonging, and express their truth—finding a path forward.

The installations will be open to the public all day, but we hope you’ll also join artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya when she hosts scheduled interactive events each week. Please see the times and dates below.

Photos by Catalina Kulczar

Explore the installations

Seeds of Hope

This installation is a tribute to hope, drawing inspiration from Thai culture, where wishes and prayers are often tied to trees. On view from May 14–July 2 at Hearst Plaza. Learn more »

Islands in the Sea

Nine sculptures serve as beacons of reflection, lighting a path forward from losses that so many of us have suffered. On view at the Paul Milstein Reflecting Pool from May 14–July 2 at Hearst Plaza. Learn more »

Rivers of Renewal

Rivers of Renewal offers the opportunity to shed anguish and start over, letting go of whatever might weigh us down. On view from June 11–16 at Hearst Plaza. Learn more »

Threads of Joy

We all need to find moments and places where we don’t have to feel alone, even if we are separated by space and time. Learn more »

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