This summer, Lincoln Center’s plazas will debut a pop-up shop which channels the bright and celebratory energy of summer at Lincoln Center. Some of our favorite summer selections are:

Magnets ($5)
A candy-like assortment of acrylic magnets that features bright colors, festive graphics, and campus snapshots alongside a handpicked collection of quotes from historic performers.

Mug ($15)
We all know the magical anticipation that comes with ascending the illuminated welcome steps that punctuate a hot summer night. Now you can have a memento of that feeling all year long on a matte black "welcome" mug.

Hat (Maestro/Diva) ($22)
Flaunt your support for Lincoln Center with a witty take on two iconic role models of the performing arts. This comfortable, classic cap in organic cotton is available in "Maestro" and "Diva" with white stitching.

Onesies ($22)
You don't have to be an adult to be a patron of the arts! Start them early with a onesie that will make them (and you) smile.

Tote ($25) "Lincoln Center Summer"
Our team worked to develop an expressive typography that pays homage to the sound, movement, and energy of the performing arts. An inner pocket features a daily reminder from composer John Cage that "Everything we do is music."

T-Shirt (Architectural Wordmark) ($25)
Embrace the abstract with these unique architectural elements from the Lincoln Center campus with a crisp white summer shirt.

Water Bottle "Lincoln Center Fountain Water" ($28)
The Revson Fountain is a visitor favorite and it's always playing tricks on us.

Umbrella ($50)
Finally, those first moments of a bright white spotlight in a dark theater are suspended in the form an inviting umbrella. A rhythmic "Lincoln Center" dances around every panel like a conductor's expressive hand and breathes new life into the familiar Lincoln Center logo.

Peter Duffin is Senior Vice President of Brand and Marketing at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.