Our Commitment

October 4, 2022 

In 2019, new leadership at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts set a strategic direction for our work with a renewed focus on equity and service to all of New York City.   

In the spring of 2020, we committed to hold ourselves accountable in ways we believe will help us be part of positive change in our community.  

These commitments remain at the forefront of our work every day. As tectonic societal shifts around social justice continue, our progress in this area is the most important measurement of our contributions to the well-being of all New Yorkers. 

We will update this page annually. Please reach us at [email protected] to share your thoughts.  

Works in Progress

Last year, we shared a number of new initiatives to support these ongoing efforts. We have exciting news as we continue moving forward.


Our Programming

All New Yorkers should be able to see themselves and their stories represented in Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts programming. We must be complementary to the work of our resident organizations. These are our goals and we are expanding our artistic ambitions and collaborations to meet them.


May 10, 2021

We are committed to helping build a more equitable and just society.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure everyone—regardless of identity, ability, background, or personal experience—belongs at Lincoln Center.

As we promised, we want to share an update on our progress over the last two years, during which we have set a new course for our work. We especially want to share our progress since our Commitment last Spring, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and to hold ourselves accountable for the promises we made then.

We will keep updating this page, as our journey continues. Please reach us at [email protected] to share your thoughts.

Our Progress


Our Programming

We have widened our artistic lens to include more voices and reach broader audiences. Work supported and/or commissioned includes:


Works in progress