The video above features a special message from Misty Copeland, Black Theatre United, and Fair Count filmed at Lincoln Center.

As more and more New Yorkers leave the city for temporary homes amid the pandemic, census participation has diminished, leaving New York City at risk of losing the resources and services it needs to thrive. Health clinics and schools are built where the Census shows they are needed. Funding for transportation, public maintenance, nutrition assistance, culture, and more are all based on the Census. Our number of seats in Congress, where our elected representatives advocate for the issues that affect us daily, are also determined by the Census. The potential loss of federal funding and representation will have dire consequences for all New Yorkers over the next decade.

But there’s something you can do to help. Fill out the Census and encourage others to do so too. Ten minutes is all it takes to stand up for yourself, your family, and your community. The Census is free, safe, and available to take online, by phone, or by mail in multiple languages. Take the Census here, or visit

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