Lincoln Center Pop-Up Classroom

Soundtrack ’63 Pop-Up Classroom (Episode 56)

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts


In this special presentation, Soul Science Lab performs abbreviated, unplugged versions of songs from their production Soundtrack ’63. Soundtrack ‘63 is a live, multimedia musical performance about the African-American experience in America! Creators Chen Lo and Asante provide context and history for the Black experience in America as they relate to the songs they perform. They share their perspective on why it is important to share this history with young people, so they understand the present moment and learn the necessary lessons to build a better future.

Performance Date

Available from Saturday, June 13 at 11:00 am ET

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Thanks to Our Supporters

Lincoln Center Pop-Up Classroom is made possible in part by The Manton Foundation, and Judith and Stanley Zabar.

Thanks to Our Supporters