Design Team Chosen to Reimagine the Amsterdam Avenue Side of Lincoln Center’s Campus

Since June 2023, Lincoln Center has engaged in thousands of conversations and points of engagement with neighbors and city-wide stakeholders, who offered ideas over the course of an ongoing participatory planning process focused on making the Amsterdam Avenue side of campus more welcoming for all.

Based on ideas and feedback from more than 3,400 New Yorkers, the design team — composed of Hood Design Studio, landscape architect; Weiss/Manfredi, design architect; and Moody Nolan, architect of record — will develop plans for the Amsterdam Avenue side of its campus, focusing in particular on Damrosch Park in an initial phase of work.

Beginning with Damrosch Park, the design team will now work to develop proposals that reimagine the Amsterdam Avenue side of the campus to make it more publicly accessible while transforming it into a state-of-the-art performance park. Damrosch is a park under the jurisdiction of NYC Parks, operated and maintained by LCPA. The team will also work towards a design that includes a commemoration of the history and public memory of San Juan Hill and historic Lincoln Square, continuing a slate of programmatic and artistic collaborations that celebrate the legacies of the neighborhood, anchored by the Legacies of San Juan Hill digital hub.