From the Emmy nominated and 2x Clio award winning team behind Disney’s “Growing Up” and MTV’s “Rebel Music,” experience this unforgettable journey presented by The Child Center of NY and produced by SoulHouse.

“Outside In” is more than just a play, it’s an immersive theatrical event where the audience doesn’t just watch but may actively participate. This two-hour production blends scripted performance with improvisation so audiences can experience the inner workings of Maya, an 18-year-old living in New York City during the digital age.

May 7th 2024 will spark fundraising through the arts for the Community Innovation Lab. A core methodology of the lab is harnessing the science of Play to develop public mental health services and programs.

Join us for an evening that promises not only entertainment but a profound connection to the real-life challenges faced by families today. Embrace the magic, understand the science, and transform your perspective on mental wellness.

Can’t Attend?
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Presented by The Child Center of NY
Produced by Soul House
Executive Producer: Surina Jindal
Co-Executive Producers: Traci Donnelly, Lauren Fleishman
Producing Partner: Giant Step

Creators: Surina Jindal, Deep Penesetti, Lauren Fleishman
Writers: Surina Jindal, Deep Penesetti, Lauren Fleishman
Directors: Surina Jindal, Deep Penesetti, Lauren Fleishman
Musical Direction & Original Composition by: Nina Grae

Media Partner: Culture House

The Vision
"The beauty of 'Outside In' is that it has been experience-designed in meticulous detail to create an introspective and transformational journey that will continue well after the curtains close. I’m thrilled to collaborate with the stellar team and talent who have poured their hearts and souls into an experience that is therapeutic and will show, not tell, the importance of innovation, especially for our mental wellness." - Surina Jindal, Executive Producer, “Outside In”

“'Outside In' is not just the name of our immersive play, it’s also the launch of a mental health movement. It’s like modern play therapy, that involves doctor-design but is peer-powered. We gather to experience the mind of an 18-year-old and depart with a deeper understanding of the child within us all, during one of the most clinically significant crossroads of all time: the digital age." - Deep Penesetti MD, Chief Innovation & Medical Officer, The Child Center of NY and Founder, SoulHouse

"As we honor National Children's Mental Health Awareness Month this May 7th, 'Outside In' stands at the forefront, not just as an immersive play, but as the catalyst for the launch of our Community Innovation Lab. This initiative is a testament to our role as a social impact organization, dedicated to forging new, innovative pathways in mental wellness. 'Outside In' is our invitation to you—our community—to explore the profound healing potential of art and play therapy. Together, let's embrace these creative approaches to support our children's mental health, sparking a movement of understanding, acceptance, and change." - Traci Donnelly CEO, The Child Center of NY

Children - may attend who are 13+ and per discretion of their guardian, unless specifically stated otherwise at future shows.

Attire - is New York chic, whatever that means to you! But make sure you feel good and are able to interact with the cast if you so desire. Should the encore ending inspire you to dance, have your dancing shoes on!

Additional Credit
SoulHouse (select team)
Creative Development, Writers’ Room & Braintrust

Krista Donargo | Branding, Creative Development
Joanna M Briley | Writer, Comedian, Cast Member, DEI Consultant
Ekin Naz Demirok | Production Associate, Social Media Manager
Neha Ghelani | Director of Operations
Patricia Marjorie | Art Director, Costumes, Props
Alphonso Bradley III | Wardrobe Consultant
Tobias Iriah | Visual Artist, Branding Consultant
Steve Cohen | Strategy, PR Consultant

Deep Penesetti MD | Chief Innovation & Medical Officer, The Child Center of NY | Founder, SoulHouse

“Outside In” Producing Partners
Maurice Bernstein | CEO & Founder, Giant Step
Steve Fissel | Producer, Giant Step
Mitch Marois | Managing Producer, Hendel Productions
Christian Fleming | Art Director, Christian Fleming Design
Keith Truax - Lighting Designer
UptownWorks - Sound Design
JZ Casting - Casting Direction
Kimberly Im - Project Director
Chavaughn Raines - Associate Producer

Special Thanks
Raeshem Chopra Nijhon - Founder, CultureHouse

The Child Center of NY
For over seven decades, The Child Center of NY has stood as a pillar of support for children and families facing the toughest challenges. From mental health to education and beyond, we've championed the cause of holistic well-being, touching the lives of thousands. Today, with the Community Innovation Lab, we're setting the stage for a future where every child can thrive, powered by the limitless potential of creativity and innovation. Together, we will turn the tide of mental health with the power of art and innovation. Programs and Services - The Child Center of NY (

The Community Innovation Lab
In an era where traditional approaches to mental wellbeing are being reevaluated, the Community Innovation Lab emerges as a beacon of hope and creativity. Here, the fusion of technology, art, and science introduces a new paradigm in mental wellbeing solutions — one that is dynamic, inclusive, and revolutionary. The Child Center of NY, along with partners like Soul House, aims to craft initiatives that are not just effective but resonate on a deeply personal level, reaching into the corners where conventional methods may not.

Outside In” is for entertainment & educational purposes only; Outside in” is not medical advice or clinical services. If you need immediate support, you can go to your nearest emergency room or dial 988.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Guest Experience at 212-875-5456 or [email protected].

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Support Our Artistic Community

Lincoln Center is committed to the power of the arts and the important role it plays in our lives. Give today to join our mission and help champion the future of Lincoln Center.

A contribution of any size makes a big impact!