On Thursday, January 24, as part of the popular ¡VAYA! 63 series, the legendary New York–based band SonSublime brings its authentic charanga sound to the David Rubenstein Atrium for a free dance party. DJ Broadway will kick things off, but why wait until then? Start warming up now with these picks from his extensive collection.

"Si Sabes Bailar Mi Son" by Orquesta Aragón
This song represents CUBA. Listen to the flute work of Richard Euges.

"Acuerdate de Mi" by Pupi Legarreta
This is cha-cha-cha at its finest. Just listen.

"Quinta Guajira" by Orquesta Broadway
The Cuban version of Beethoven's Fifth symphony.

"Hermosa Ofelia" by Fajardo y sus Estrellas
This was Fajardo at his best!

"Mi Conquista Mayor" by Charanga America
This Charanga song SWINGS!

"Recuerdos de Arcaño" by Johnny Pacheco
From Pacheco's fourth album. He followed the Cuban footprint for Charanga music.

"Bembetiando" by Lou Perez y Su Orquesta
This track swings from beginning to end. Listen to how the bassline just keeps you going... and Lou Perez on flute.

"La Fruta Ja Ja" by Orquesta Aragón
One of my all-time favorite Orquesta Aragón songs. Listen to how the flute player—El Maestro Richard Euges—drives this song.

"Seis Lindas Cubanas" by Orquesta Melodias del 40
The title of the song (which means "six beautiful Cuban women") speaks for itself.

"Loco Por Ti" by Charlie Palmieri & Su Charanga La Duboney
Listen to how Charlie Palmieri glides on the piano.

"Mi Charanga" by SonSublime
Finally, the legends themselves. I can't wait to open for them next week!

Mike Mitjans, a.k.a. DJ Broadway, has been a DJ for 38 years, known for his deep knowledge of Latin, Caribbean, hip-hop, and house music. With residencies at Mamajuana Café and Olivia's in the Bronx, DJ Broadway plays major events across the world and is sought after for any kind of party where you want people on the dance floor. At Lincoln Center, he has played as a part of Midsummer Night Swing and our New York Latin music series, ¡VAYA! 63, at the David Rubenstein Atrium.