Maureen Nelson

Instrument: Violin

Member Since: 2018

Hometown: Currently Saint Paul, MN

What is your first memorable musical experience? ​My mother was determined that I would become the next greatest female classical guitarist. Much to her dismay, I turned her gift of a little toy guitar around, tucked it under my chin and started making ‘air bows’. I feel so fortunate that my mother had an intensely strong love of music and kept encouraging me, even in times when things seemed too difficult. Every day I remember what a gift it is to play and share music with others.

What if your favorite non-musical activity? ​Eating. It's a serious hobby. I also enjoy cooking. But mostly eating.

What is your favorite place in New York City? ​I love finding undiscovered and hidden restaurant gems. 

What composition by Mozart is your favorite to perform? ​The Requiem.

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