A recent transplant from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, Brazilian musician and composer Negro Leo gives us the lowdown on the current São Paulo indie-music scene in anticipation of his free show at the David Rubenstein Atrium on August 2.

"São Paulo is just as big, fuzzy, and dizzy as New York. People from all over Brazil move here seeking money, opportunity, and better public infrastructure. The same is true for independent artists and the music scene in São Paulo is the heart of contemporary Brazilian music. I’ve been asked to choose 20 tracks, but considering how broad the spectrum of great music being made in São Paulo is, I easily could have featured 100. But here we go!"


Wait, there’s more!

"Not everything is on Spotify, so here are some more artists I want you to know."

O Novíssimo Edgar


Cadu Tenório



About the Curator

Born in the northeast of Brazil, Negro Leo lived for years in Rio de Janeiro and recently moved to São Paulo, which makes Action Lekking his first São Paulo album. Influenced by Peter Brötzmann's free jazz, Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben’s tropicalismo, and James Chance and Arto Lindsay's no wave, Negro Leo has been highlighted in Rio's scene alongside bands linked to Quintavant, an event that happens at Audio Rebel (in Rio) and includes artists such as Chinese Cookie Poets, Cadu Tenorio, and Bemônio. This scene has got some attention from The Wire, New York Times, Noisey, Tiny Mix Tapes, and others. Negro Leo has played on prestigious stages around the world, such as Cafe Oto (London), Counterflows Festival (Glasgow), Festival NRMAL (Mexico City), Novas Frequências (Rio de Janeiro), Virada Cultural Paulista (São Paulo), and others.